Rina and Maia Dee
Rina and Maia Deecourtesy of the family

Rabbi Leo Dee, the father of Rina and Maia Dee, who were murdered in a terrorist shooting attack in the Jordan Valley on Friday, described to the Daily Mail how he learned of his daughters' fate.

Rabbi Dee explained that he was traveling in another car with other relatives while his wife drove their daughters on their way to a family retreat during the Passover holiday.

He learned that a terrorist attack had occurred from a relative who called him to ask if the family was all right.

"‘I said everyone was fine, but when I called my wife and two daughters there was no answer," he said.

In a panic, he activated the Google tracking feature which allows parents to track the location of their children's phones. He saw that they were near the settlement of Hamra, where he saw the wreckage of his family's car and his wife Leah (Lucy) being airlifted to the hospital.

"My daughters were friends of each other as well as sisters. Now we are diminished. Maya was doing national service in the south, and was passionate about helping others. Rina is what you would call an A* pupil. We were proud of them," he said.

Rabbi Dee added: "I don’t blame the terrorists as they will be brought to justice. I am more worried about the tensions between Jews in Israel. Some people think that the new religious government will suppress minority rights and become totalitarian. But this is not a risk as Judaism is about balancing love and justice."

Rina (20) and Maia (15), were killed in the shooting. Their mother, Leah, was wounded and remains in serious condition at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

The Dee family made aliyah from the UK in 2014. Rabbi Lee switched careers from investment banker to rabbi upon moving to Israel. He wrote at the time that the family loved the Jewish State, with its large number of Torah educational institutions, and how the buses stop on Shabbat and there is kosher food in every supermarket.

Rina and Maia will be laid to rest at the cemetery in Gish Etzion at 5pm this evening.