Foreign Minister Eli Cohen
Foreign Minister Eli CohenFlash 90

Following the shooting from Lebanon and Gaza, and the incitement in Jerusalem, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appealed to the UN Secretary General with a request to publish a condemnation of the Security Council for Lebanon and Hamas.

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen commented: "The international community must express an unequivocal position against Palestinian terrorism, condemn the shooting from Lebanon and Gaza, condemn the wild incitement of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations and recognize Israel's right, as a sovereign state, to defend itself and its people."

Israel's embassies around the world are working today with the aim of promoting widespread international condemnation of terrorist activity against Israel.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appealed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres with a request to issue a strong condemnation of the UN Security Council on the shooting from Lebanon and Gaza on Israeli citizens and the incitement that led to violence on the Temple Mount.

In the letter sent today to the UN Secretary General, the responsibility of the Lebanese government for the shooting from its territory, which is a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, is emphasized, and the responsibility of the terrorist organization Hamas for the shooting from Gaza and Lebanon and the incitement that leads to violence in Jerusalem.