Arab rioters on the Temple Mount hurled stones at the gate which links the Western Wall Plaza to the Mount Friday morning.

Following morning prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque, dozens of Arab rioters gathered stones from the Temple Mount and began throwing them at the Mughrabi Gate near the Western Wall. The Mughrabi Gate is the primary access point for non-Arab visitors to the Temple Mount.

“This morning after the Fajr prayer on the Temple Mount, a large amount of instigators began chanting calls for incitement,” Israel Police tweeted. “A number of masked suspects began pelting rocks towards the Mughrabi Gate near the Western Wall. One of the rocks almost hit a Muslim woman and she fell.”

“As a results of the rock throwing, police entered inside a few meters from the Mughrabi Gate, and used measures meant to disperse the rioters who were endangering the public. In the last hour it had been quiet on location.”

“As we mentioned before, those rioters and instigators harm first and foremost the normative Muslim public who come to the Temple Mount.”

Friday’s riots are the latest in a string of violent attacks during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Hamas terrorists launched rockets towards Israel over the weekend from both the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon, prompting the IDF to retaliate against terrorist targets in both areas.

Overnight, an IDF soldier was wounded in a terrorist shooting attack north of Jerusalem, and on Thursday night, an elderly Jewish man was bludgeoned by an Arab terrorist in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Arab rioters barricaded themselves inside the Al Aqsa Mosque on Thursday, throwing stones at Israeli police officers, following similar clashes on the holy site a day earlier.