Matzah making at Homesh Yeshiva
Matzah making at Homesh YeshivaPhoto: Homesh

Dozens of students at Homesh Yeshiva held a matzah baking event led by the head of the yeshiva, Rabbi Elishama Cohen. It was held in the yeshiva's beit midrash, against the background of the repeal of the secession law and the beginning of the yeshiva's regulation.

Yeshiva CEO Shmuel Vandi told Arutz 7 that the matzah baking comes after a very challenging year for the yeshiva: "On the one hand, we lost a dear friend, Yehuda Dimentman, may he rest in peace, but on the other hand, we were privileged to see the beginning of the development of Homesh and its reconstruction thanks to the repeal of the Disengagement Law.

"For the 17 and a half years that the yeshiva has been here, we are privileged and happy to protect Homesh. Everyone is invited on Hol HaMoed (the days between the Seder and the last day of Passover) to come to Homesh and rejoice with us in the joy of Homesh and the joy of northern Samaria and of the entire Land of Israel."

Earlier this week, Supreme Court President Ester Hayut accepted the state's request and granted an extension of about two months for the state's response to the petition of left-wing organizations against re-establishing the settlement in Homesh.

At the beginning of the week, the government informed the High Court of Justice of the passage of the law to cancel the disengagement plan and the lifting of the ban on entry of Israelis into the northern Samaria settlements. It also informed them of the legal change in the status of the region that will allow settlement in Homesh and other settlements that were displaced as part of the disengagement plan. By the beginning of June, the state will be required to respond to the petition filed by the left-wing organizations.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Council and a deportee from Masha-Nur, who for years led the fight to repeal the secession law, responded to the decision and said: "The Israeli government tells the High Court in a clear voice - we removed the disgrace of the deportation and are regulating the settlement in Homesh and northern Samaria. We welcome the state's answer and in the coming weeks, we will work together with all the bodies involved to develop the necessary infrastructure in order to ensure a large and developed settlement in Homesh and all the localities of northern Samaria - Shanor, Ganim, and Kedi. After 17 and a half years, the return begins, the settlements will be rebuilt and the injustice corrected. The Israeli flag will return and fly over these settlements."