Supreme Court
Supreme CourtYonatan Sindel/Flash90
Too many supposedly wise people in the free world, lost their judgement, as they were caught in the new destructive ideologies. The concepts of trusting a Divine guidance, appreciating life, liberty, happiness, freedom, fraternity, and equal opportunity, turned into a process of a meltdown of basic values, family integrity, social stability, energy security, peaceful coexistence, and mutual respect.

It is very unfortunate that some self-serving leaders who rely upon blind support from people in the media, academia, and other social influencers, who will promote various policies that will undermine the stability of the free society. This effect will be especially dangerous, if many of the people that compose the target audience, are oblivious to the true reality and to the risks involved.

If countries have no borders, have no trustworthy and responsible justice system, have no energy security, have no dependable healthcare system, have no stable economy, have no ability to defend themselves from foreign and domestic enemies, sooner or later, they will disintegrate.

Once the disintegration of the society is occurring, everybody will suffer. When the enemies of good gain military power, influence, money, and economic stability, their ambitions to expand and to subjugate others, will continue unopposed.

No wonder that Radical Islam formulated a written plan to control the USA in 100 years. The same is true also for the Chinese dream, to take over the USA in 100 years. Russia is not bashful about its wish to recreate the Soviet Union. The inner circles of these entities are trying to accelerate this process and achieve their goals even sooner. Muamar Ghadaffy from Libya predicted that Islam would take over Europe in 30 years, if he will succeed having his men marry the European women and make enough babies, to make it happen.

During the recently instigated unrest in Israel, one could hear the voices of the Radical Ayatollahs in Iran and those among their proxies Hamas and Hezbollah, that they are just waiting for the implosion of the Israeli society, which will facilitate their final blow, to this bastion of democracy in the Middle East. Their plan is very clearly stated that they will kill all Israelis, irrespective if they are secular or religious, right leaning or left leaning, Jews or non-Jews. They intend to destroy all infidel and even other Muslims who will not follow their dictate and religious beliefs. They called the State of Israel “The one Atomic Bomb Entity.” Their justification was that “The State of Israel is the little Satan, and the USA is the big Satan”.

Once insanity is the major driver, the outcomes are not predicable. Hitler wanted to destroy all the Jews, even those who supported his ascent to power, and in the process, not only 6 million Jews were killed, but many millions of other innocent people died or were seriously compromised.

Wise and responsible people must look way beyond some short-term limited gains, if they want to save themselves and the society at large, from self-destruction.

In every situation there are several ways to address the issues, and we should opt to use those that will cause the least harm to the general population.

Energy independence and clean energy can be achieved gradually, in a safe way, in conjunction with the available advancements in modern technologies, without forcing inconvenient and radical changes on the consumers.

Healthcare and the availability of pharmaceuticals should be based upon local manufacturing, as not to depend upon unreliable outside sources of production and unpredictably slow transportation.

The military personnel should be strong, reliable, and well equipped, as to deter aggression from irresponsible and ambitious enemies.

The society must be well educated with incentives to those who are willing to put in the effort to excel and to succeed, and to provide help to those who need assistance.

Families should be incentivized to stay together and support each other, to the benefit of their children and the community.

The schools should provide the students with a broad base of needed skills and help them develop the ability to interact respectfully with others. Irresponsible brainwashing and exclusion of parents from their children’s important education, should be avoided.

The justice system should be accepted and respected by the people from all walks of life. The justices should be accountable to the people, and earn their respect by following the laws, avoiding discrimination and extra judiciary rulings, and by judging all people equally, in accordance with the written laws.

The common ruthless enemies should be defeated, but all political disputes, should be settled wisely, through a responsible and creative dialogue, while respecting the will of the people.

Once people realize that their own skin is in the game, hopefully, they will act more responsibly to the benefit of all.