Kassy Dillon
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Fox News journalist and commentator Kassy Dillon has completed the process of converting to Judaism.

The journalist took to Twitter to announce the exciting development with a simple picture of her wearing a Star of David necklace overlaid with her new Hebrew name: Devorah Rut. She later added in a comment: "Thank you, everyone. It’s been a very long journey with a lot of ups and downs. I hope to share the story soon. And for those asking: Yes, I converted orthodox."

Later, she explained that although she could trace her lineage back to Jews who were expelled from Spain, the rabbis who converted her are Ashkenazi, and she will therefore follow those customs.

Following the announcement, Twitter was abuzz with the news, with many Jewish users congratulating her and welcoming her to the tribe.

On Saturday night, one Twitter user asked the journalist how her first Shabbat was, she answered: "Beautiful. Lighting candles for a real purpose just brought me so much happiness."

Ami Magazine's Whitehouse correspondent, Jake Turx, shared a humorous conversation between the two when he asked if it ever occurred to her to hold off on the conversion until after Passover. Dillon answered, "Since I have to 'kosher' my kitchen anyway, by doing it before Passover, I get two for the price of one."

Unfortunately, following Dillon's announcement, antisemitism soon followed, with Twitter posts calling her a race traitor, alleging that she was 'groomed' by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire to convert, and sharing despicable Holocaust imagery.

Dillon commented on the antisemitism in a Tweet: "And the antisemitism begins! In reality, they've been sending me this nonsense for years. In a way, the antisemites knew I had a Jewish neshama (soul) before I did."

Earlier this year, Dillon attended the Grammy Awards carrying a luxury purse emblazoned with the Israeli flag.

Dillon later posted a picture of herself with the purse at the awards ceremony, writing on her post: "I heard people here like to boycott Israel. What a shame."