Iran is attempting to infiltrate Africa through economic collaborations with the purpose of recruiting locals for terrorist operations.

Footage obtained by Iran International shows the Tanzanian integration of Iranian Intelligence Ministry officer Hamidreza Abraheh, who describes all of the Ministry's departments and their responsibilities.

According to Iran International, Abraheh, also known as Hamid Salari, is an agent of Iranian Intelligence Ministry Unit 853 who was arrested and interrogated in Dar es Salaam in 2022. He was tasked with building a clandestine network for implementing the Iranian regime's plots to kidnap and kill Western targets in Africa. Abraheh, who is originally from the Sistan and Baluchestan province in southwestern Iran, was sent to Tanzania, home to 30,000 ethnic Balochs, to recruit local Baloch people and use them for terror plots and infiltrate into local governments.

During the interrogation, Abreheh stated that the Intelligence Ministry's Foreign Intelligence department is mainly focused on Israel, the US, Saudi Arabia, and the Azerbaijan Republic.

Abreheh explained that his network was free to operate as it pleased according to a five or ten-year plan and that he was charged with creating a three-step plan to recruit, vet, place, and train operatives. According to him, the operatives needed to learn the Persian language, obtain documentation, and have the ability to move around and connect with people, both high-ranking and average.