Daniel Hagari
Daniel HagariIDF Spokesperson's Unit

RDML Daniel Hagari on Wednesday entered his position as the new IDF Spokesperson, in a ceremony held in Camp Aviv.

The ceremony was led by the Head of the Operations Directorate, MG Oded Basiuk, and included the participation of members of the General Staff.

Present at the ceremony were commanders in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, family members and additional guests.

RDML Daniel Hagari is succeeding Brig. Gen. Ran Kochav, who served in the position for the past two years.

Head of the Operations Directorate (J3), MG Oded Basiuk, said at the ceremony, “I have been in the IDF for over 30 years. It is a part of me and I am a part of it. I see before me only the security of the State of Israel - and nothing else. I believe every other person standing here today does too. We must stay out of and rise above any current and future disputes. This is our duty, in active duty and as reservists, and the duty of the public as a whole. From the moment we put on our uniforms, we chose to be the ones who defend the State of Israel, who enable life and prosperity as well as disputes. We are ready and it is our duty to be ready for any threat at any time.”

“We are in the midst of a complex week, but our enemies do not pause nor wait. They continue to search for weak points and operate against us. We maintain vigilance and operational anticipation. May everyone know, the IDF is strong, determined, sharp, and united, we operate and will continue to operate anywhere, at any time, and in any manner necessary. This is our mission and we are standing guard,” he continued.

Turning to Kochav, Basiuk said, “Ranko, you led the unit for the past two years and stood tall during this challenging journey. You did so with professionalism, dedication and responsibility and maintained the uniqueness, standing and credibility of the IDF Spokesperson.”

“One of the IDF Spokesperson’s main missions is to maintain the public's trust in the IDF. This trust is subject to turbulence that is, at times, dangerous. The commentaries are abundant, varied and sometimes unnecessary - but we, those entrusted with maintaining the security of the State of Israel, must stay out of any impractical discourse. Our mission is clear and has not changed - and you, Ranko, personally withstood this challenge.”

“Hagari, today you are receiving command over the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit - an important and unique role. You are entering the position with a rich personal and professional background, I am sure that your qualities and your personality will allow you to settle in, shape the position in your image, and continue to lead the IDF Spokesperson's Unit forward."

Outgoing IDF Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Ran Kochav said, “Almost two years ago, I exchanged missiles for words and embarked on a journey in a special land. A land where everything is urgent, everything is happening right here, right now. A land where the idea of 24/7 is a core part of its DNA. A land where the mission isn’t always clear - but the purpose embedded in it is incredibly important and relevant.”

“In the speech I gave when I entered this position, I emphasized two words that express two principles, the first of which is trust. Without the public's trust in the IDF - the people’s army, we will not be able to fulfill our mission. That trust is the purpose of our work. The annual reports published on this matter recently provided us with important reinforcement: we met this goal. Alongside the unquestionable importance of public trust, I also emphasized the critical significance of the truth, the truth in the spokesperson’s work.”

“In hindsight, both in the face of the IDF's great complexity and the uncertainty and ambiguities that inherently characterize the operational field, we proudly met this goal: we spoke the truth.”

“When we set the principles that would guide our spokesmanship activity - media value, standard and pace, and the manner in which we will implement our activity - I knew that thanks to the special people of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, there is no reason we would not successfully meet every goal.”

“Hagari, you are receiving a unit like no other in the IDF. Take care of this valuable asset, it is important to the IDF and to the State of Israel as a whole, and I am sure that under your command, its stories will continue to be told.”

“One last thanks to you, members of the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, in the field and in the headquarters, in active and reserve duty. Commanding you was a great privilege and a special experience, thank you for two years that I will never forget. Hagari and the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit family - good luck," concluded Kochav.

Incoming IDF Spokesperson, RDML Daniel Hagari said, "The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit’s mission is to strengthen the public’s trust in the IDF and its international legitimacy. When I think of the most important condition to gaining the public’s trust, only one word comes to mind: credibility.”

“Credibility means creating trust - internally and externally - in order for us to be an exemplary organization. In Flotilla 13, the unit that molded me as a soldier and commander, the ‘five fingers’ principle represents the value of sticking to a mission. ‘Touching with five fingers’ means results without excuses, succeeding despite the difficulties along the way.”

“I would like to tell you today what my ‘five fingers’ are for the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit: First, to keep the IDF as a national consensus and keep politics out of the IDF. This begins in the Spokesperson’s Unit and continues onwards to the entire IDF.”

“In the State of Israel, high value is given to a free press and independent and investigative journalism. We are an organization that belongs to the state, to every civilian, and of course to every mother and father who has sent their daughters and sons to the military. The IDF Spokesperson must be credible and relevant, not only to the Israeli media but also to the international media. We must report with credibility to the public and the world, especially regarding difficult events - only then will we continue to win the public’s trust.”

“I assume anyone ever appointed to be the IDF Spokesperson is certain that they are starting the position at one of the most tumultuous and sensitive periods for the military.”

“In this sense, I am probably no different. This is a tumultuous time. The strength of the IDF as the people’s army rests on the public’s trust in it, and the IDF’s spokesperson has a central role in that. I thank you, Ranko, for your term of hard work here. Thank you for the openness and the transition period, I appreciate it very much. Thank you to the Head of the Operations Directorate, for the trust and direction. I also want to thank the Chief of the General Staff for the belief that he has entrusted in me,” concluded Hagari.