The Athens Chabad house targeted by terrorists
The Athens Chabad house targeted by terroristsReuters

A day after Greek authorities revealed the arrest of two Pakistani terrorists for plotting to attack Jewish targets in Athens, more details have emerged about the terrorists and the foiled attack.

Greek media reported today (Wednesday) that in the searches carried out in the terrorists' homes, many items were discovered that would have helped them carry out the attack, including ten mobile phones, two computers, memory cards and more.

In addition, the Greek investigators revealed a series of messages that the terrorists exchanged in preparation for the attack, including photos and videos, which also included plans to kidnap and murder Israeli citizens.

The investigators in Greece are still attempting to locate other suspects who cooperated with the two Pakistani terrorists and who may still be roaming freely in Greece. The two arrested suspects will be brought before the court on charges of terrorist offenses, while a third person who is suspected of having planned the attack and is in Iran will be tried in absentia on charges of terrorism.

The Israeli Mossad assisted the Greek authorities and gave them information that assisted in the arrest of the two terrorists and reveal more information about the planned attacks, including connections they made with the Iranians who were behind the planning of the attack. "The Mossad assisted Athens in this serious case, including exposing the connections to Iran of the two Pakistani suspects who were arrested. After the investigation of the suspects began in Greece, the Mossad assisted in dismantling the terrorists' intelligence infrastructure, their methods of operation and their connection to Iran. The suspects were part of a wide Iranian network operating from Iran and in many countries. This is another example of how Iran is trying to use terrorism against Israeli and Jewish targets overseas," the Mossad said in a statement.

According to the first details from the investigation of the Pakistani terrorists, the man behind the attack, a 30-year-old man from Iran, ordered poison gas that was supposed to flood the restaurant next to the Chabad house in Athens and harm as many Israelis as possible. The terrorists also planned to blow up a gas balloon there. In an attempt to cause as many as possible victims, he also promised the terrorists a payment of 16,000 euros for each Israeli victim.