Benjamin Netanyahu and Aryeh Deri
Benjamin Netanyahu and Aryeh DeriDanny Shem Tov/Knesset spokesperson

A day after the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, a Channel 12 News poll published on Monday evening shows a surge for the chairman of the National Unity Party Benny Gantz, who wins 23 seats - at the expense of Likud and the Religious Zionist Party.

Likud wins 25 seats in this poll, Yesh Atid - 22, Religious Zionist Party - 12, Shas - 10, United Torah Judaism - 7, Yisrael Beynteu - 6, Hadash-Ta'al - 5, Meretz - 5, and Ra’am - 5. Overall, the pro-Netanyahu bloc wins 54 seats.

A separate poll, published on Kan 11 News, found that the National Unity Party wins 21 seats. On the question of suitability for the role of Prime Minister, Gantz for the first time prevails over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - with 37% percentage of support compared to 30% for Netanyahu.

The support rates for Gantz jumped significantly compared to previous polls (an increase of more than 10% since the last poll). When Netanyahu is pitted against Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid, they are nearly tied (31% for Netanyahu compared to 32% for Lapid). Among Likud voters, about a quarter do not see Netanyahu as the most suitable candidate for the position.

In terms of the distribution of seats, the Likud led by Netanyahu drops to 25 seats. The Netanyahu bloc drops to a low of 53 seats, and the center-left bloc stands at 56 seats, and can form a government together with Ra'am (6 seats), and without the Joint List. Labor and Meretz pass the threshold, each with four seats. The Religious Zionist Party weakens a little and stands at 10 seats. Balad does not pass the electoral threshold.

Distribution of seats in the Kan 11 News poll

Likud – 25
Yesh Atid – 22
National Unity Party – 21
Religious Zionist Party – 11
Shas – 10
United Torah Judaism – 7
Ra'am – 6
Hadash-Ta'al – 5
Yisrael Beytenu – 5
Labor – 4
Meretz – 4

On the dismissal of Defense Minister Gallant, 62% believed that it was not justified, 17% supported the dismissal and 21% said they did not know. The participants in the poll were asked who is the most suitable figure today to be the Minister of Defense, with Gallant receiving 40% support compared to Avi Dichter who received 16%.

The poll shows an overwhelming majority in favor of stopping the legislation of the judicial reform immediately - 62% supported this step, 22% argued that the legislation should continue as usual and the rest answered that they did not know. Among Likud voters, there is a tie between supporters and opponents of stopping the reform. When looking at the supporters of the entire coalition, there is still a clear advantage for the continuation of the legislation - 52% compared to 32%.