Daniella Weiss is the head of the Nachala Settlement Movement establishing and building Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and also a former mayor of the town of Kedumim.

With the government in turmoil as coalition members call on the Prime Minister to halt the judicial reform program as protests continue across the country, she appealed to Netanyahu not to back down.

"I still believe that there is no sufficient reason to stop the process of the reforms," she told Israel National News. "I hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu, with his experience and understanding of the situation will find a way to continue with the reforms, as there are all the reasons in the world to do so."

Weiss stressed that the real revolution is not what is happening now, but what was started three decades ago, when Supreme Court President Aharon Barak initiated what he himself called a "judicial revolution."

"Barak wanted to make this country a state of all its citizens, both Jews and Arabs," Weiss said. "This state cannot be for both Jews and Arabs; this is the state of the Jewish nation. What the Supreme Court has been trying to do for so long must be stopped. They want to eradicate both the national element of the country and the Jewish element. This is why the reforms are so necessary."

In conclusion, she offered her "blessing and prayers for [Prime Minister] Netanyahu to have the wisdom and experience to continue with what is so necessary for the State of Israel."