The police early Monday morning evacuated the protesters against the judicial reform who blocked the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv, after five hours in which the demonstrators had blocked the highway.

The police used horsemen and water cannons to evacuate the protesters. Three police officers were injured from rocks and objects that were thrown at them.

Following the evacuation of the protesters, Ayalon Highway employees began the task of clearing the obstacles from the road. It is estimated that it will take hours to complete the process of clearing the road.

Earlier, the leaders of the protest against the judicial reform announced nighttime demonstrations and called to block roads throughout the country. The calls followed the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

Within a short time, thousands of protesters arrived at Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv and quickly also blocked the Ayalon Highway at HaShalom Interchange in both directions. Some of the protesters even lit a bonfire on the road and the protesters gathered around it, almost without any interference from the police.

The organizers of the protest announced that they would not clear the road until morning. "The protesters will stay in Ayalon all night. There will be a Tahrir Square here," the organizers said.

They added, "Thousands are now coming out in Tel Aviv and all over the country to protest against a criminal, clearly illegitimate government, and to put a stop to the dictatorship with their bodies. We are determined to save the country from the hands of those who are rushing towards the destruction of democracy, the economy, and the army and who are tearing the people apart with their own hands. This is the time for everyone who is still at home to go out to the street and raise their voice. A long night is ahead of us."

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem and blocked the road. They knocked down the police barriers and came very close to Netanyahu's home.

מכת"זית פועלת מול המפגינים ברחוב עזה בירושליםקרן גולדשמיט/TPS

The police tried to repel the protesters and severe clashes broke out between the parties. Some of the demonstrators were detained for questioning.

Demonstrations were also organized in Be’er Sheva and Haifa.

The Israel Police said, "The Commissioner of the Police, Yaakov Shabtai, concluded a situation assessment with the commanders of the districts in view of the series of protests taking place tonight and which are expected tomorrow. The Commissioner reiterated that the Israel Police allows the right to protest and considers it a cornerstone of a democratic country, but at the same time will not allow disturbances, damage to symbols of government, harm to infrastructure and police officers."