The Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi visited IDF's Tel Hashomer the enlistment center Sunday, and met with female and male soldiers of the Artillery Corps, the Field Intelligence Corps and the Search and Rescue Brigade during their enlistment to the IDF.

During his visit, the Chief of the General Staff toured the enlistment center and talked with the new recruits.

The visit was held with the participation of the head of the Manpower Directorate (J1) MG Yaniv Assor, the head of the Planning Brigade and Personnel Administration, BG Amir Vadmani, and the commander of the Meitav unit, COL Alon Matzliach.

"You are enlisting in a challenging period for security with many security challenges - Iran, which is on the one hand very far away, and on the other has influence in our immediate proximity," Halevi said.

"We are dealing a lot also with Lebanon, Syria, the Gaza Strip, and terror in Judea and Samaria, which just yesterday evening experienced a difficult terror attack with soldiers that were injured and we wish them a full recovery."

Amid ongoing protests across the country against the government's judicial overhaul, which has spread to some reservist units in the IDF, Halevi emphasized the unity of the IDF and discipline within the army.

"In this period, service in the IDF carries greater significance. The 'people's army' has a different meaning these days, and each and every one of you needs to ensure that you enlist today to the IDF with missions two-fold - on the one hand, protecting the security of the country and on the other, which is no less important - maintaining a united and undivided IDF. Our strength is realized when we are together - only in this way, can our nation thrive."

"You are transitioning today from wearing your own clothes to wearing an IDF uniform. When you exit from here, you leave the division and the personal thoughts outside. From today, you operate in accordance with the spirit and values of the IDF and towards a common goal - to protect the state of Israel."