Yoni Netanyahu
Yoni NetanyahuCourtesy of the family

Shai Golden, host of a popular Sunday morning program on Israel's Channel 14 News, strongly criticized the members of the Sayeret Matkal elite commando unit who participated in the legendary hostage-rescue operation on the Entebbe Airport together with Yoni Netanyahu, the late brother of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after they arrived in a Black Mercedes, the same type of vehicle used to draw the Ugandan soldiers away from the airport in 1976, at Ben Gurion Airport during the prime minister's visit to Berlin a week and a half ago.

"I really don't intend to take away one ounce of your great merits as brave warriors and as those who risked their lives in the name of the State of Israel; In general, this fashion of erasing people's past merits due to their actions in the present is something I don't particularly like. But tell me, have you completely lost it? What is wrong with you?" Golden wrote Sunday morning.

"No, really, what was the idea? Some of the late Yoni Netanyahu's comrades from the unit, and some of the Entebbe abductees, put on a particularly crazy political/artistic performance, which simulates the famous convoy that raided the airport in Uganda, with a black Mercedes, and all the colors of camouflage, to protest against the Prime Minister on the eve of his flight to Berlin, to tell his bereaved brother to stop the judicial reform?

"Don't you have an ounce of respect for Yoni's memory? Even as a commander and as a brother in arms?" he asked. "You know that this wound, of the loss of Yoni, is perhaps the most painful and sensitive for Benjamin Netanyahu."

He noted that Yoni Netanyahu had more family and loved ones than just the current Prime Minister.

"Because if you are not able to put yourself in the place of the family members of the late Yoni, and understand how humiliating and painful and insulting the use of his death is, then your problem is not the judicial reform, but something else entirely. Something dark and deep and much more basic in your humanity," he said.

He further noted that the blockage of the entrance to the airport disrupted the lives of the average citizen far more than the schedule of the Prime Minister, who arrived by helicopter.

"I have no words to describe how cheap and low and crooked a level this protest is deteriorating to. And the most amazing part is that you do not perceive how it looks from the outside in the eyes of the silent majority here," he wrote. "You don't even begin to understand. And I know you don't care."

"In case you don't understand why you were defeated in the elections. In case you don't understand why this reform will pass: it is because most of the public is fed up. They are just sick of this attitude, this style, this language, this childish and violent egotism. And if you didn't internalize it on November 1st, then we'll probably have to help you understand the message more clearly in the next election," Golden concluded.