Special Forces (archive)
Special Forces (archive)Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Border Police and IDF personnel early Thursday morning eliminated Amir Hadija, a terrorist who was involved in shooting attacks on Israeli communities and IDF soldiers at the Te'enim crossing, during a raid on a site in the Arab village of A'zbat Shufa near Tulkarem in Samaria.

Based on intelligence gathered by the Shin Bet regarding the terrorist's location, Border Police special forces raided an apartment in the village where the terrorist was hiding.

As security forces arrived at the target and surrounded the building, the terrorist pulled out a weapon and aimed it at the police, who opened fire, injuring him. When the special forces entered the apartment, the suspect again attempted to open fire and he was then killed when the forces returned fire.

A primary accomplice, who was in the apartment with the terrorist, turned himself in and was detained. During the operation, security forces seized weapons including an M16 rifle, as well as the vehicle which the terrorist used during the shooting attacks.

No Israeli forces were injured. The accomplice was transferred to the Shin Bet for interrogation.