Netanyahu at Cabinet meeting
Netanyahu at Cabinet meetingHezki Baruch

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the weekly Cabinet meeting that the State of Israel is currently engaged in "three struggles: Against the Iranian nuclear program, against terrorism and against anarchy."

"First, the diplomatic struggle. The Government of Israel is continuing the struggle against the Iranian nuclear program. Last week I met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. I stood together with the Chancellor on the platform in Berlin from which Jews were sent to the death camps," Netanyahu said.

He said that unlike during the Holocaust, the Jewish people have a state to defend themselves from regimes like the Iranian rulers who threaten to obliterate them. "We do everything necessary to defend ourselves. Like I say to world leaders and as I told Chancellor Scholz, the Jewish state will not allow another Holocaust."

"The great turning point in the fate of our people found prominent expression during my visit in the discussions that we held on providing Israel's Arrow 3 system to Germany. In the Holocaust, the Jews were defenseless against Nazi Germany. Eighty years later, Germany is seeking to acquire defensive systems from the Jewish state. Then, we could not defend ourselves; today, we help others to defend themselves. What an incredible turnaround.

In a possible reference to the assassination of Islamic Jihad commander Ali Ramzi al-Aswad, Netanyahu said: "Now, regarding the struggle against terrorism, our forces are active around the clock in order to settle accounts with the terrorists and thwart terrorist infrastructure. Dozens of terrorists have been eliminated in the past month; many others have been arrested."

"I reiterate: Whoever tries to harm Israeli citizens will pay the price. We will find the terrorists and the architects of terrorism everywhere.

Turning to the controversy surrounding the government's planned judicial reforms and the widespread protests against the reforms, He said: "Third, we will not accept anarchy. There are those who are calling for the blocking of highways, for refusal, for blood in the streets, and to attack public figures. We will not accept this. We will not accept violence – by any side."

"I expect the Inspector General and the police to enforce the law, to prevent violence and the blocking of roads, and to allow the daily life of the citizens of the country. I expect the ISA and the State Attorney's Office to take determined action against those who incite to murder ministers and MKs, and the Prime Minister and his family, without turning a blind eye, without cutting slack and without cutting corners. I expect the IDF Chief-of-Staff and the heads of the security services to vigorously fight against refusal to serve. There is no place for refusal to serve in the public discourse. A state that values life cannot tolerate such phenomena and we will not tolerate them.

"Instead of incitement and calls to anarchy, instead of the awareness engineering by the propaganda channels, there needs to be a genuine, substantive and fair discussion of the judicial reform. The foundation of democracy is the balance between the three authorities: The legislative, the executive and the judicial. This balance has been overturned in Israel in recent decades in a way that has not happened in any democracy in the world.

"Therefore, today there is broad agreement on the need to restore the necessary balance, as existed in the country for almost 50 years. It is for this purpose that we were elected – and this is what we will do. We will do so with consideration and responsibility in a way that preserves the rights of every citizen of Israel – secular and religious, women, LGBTQ, minorities, everyone without exception," Netanyahu concluded.