Foreign Ministry Director-General Ronen Levi (Maoz) today (Thursday) led a delegation to Warsaw that met with members of the Polish government and in principle reached an agreement that would enable the resumption of Israeli youth delegations to Poland. The delegation included representatives of the Foreign Ministry, the Education Ministry, and the Israel Security Agency.

Foreign Eli Cohen said: "The resumption of youth delegations to Poland is an important decision both from an educational and national point of view. Preserving the memory of the Holocaust is one of the mainstays of the work of the Foreign Ministry. We will continue to promote a solution to the crisis in relations with Poland. I congratulate MFA Director-General Ronen Levi (Maoz), Israel’s Ambassador to Poland, Yacov Livne, the embassy staff and members of the delegation from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education and the ISA for the achievement."

In the talks that took place at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ISA representatives agreed with their Polish counterparts on an outline for the security of the youth delegations, and representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education led the discussion on the subject matter of the delegations, which will continue to deal with the preservation of the memory of the Holocaust and the study of the history of the Jewish people in Poland.

Education Minister Yoav Kisch said: "I welcome the decision to resume the student delegations to Poland. This is a very significant decision of exceptional national importance and values. I thank the Polish Minister of Education for the collaboration that contributed to the success of the resumption of the delegations. I see great importance in imparting the memory of the Holocaust and the study of our heritage as a nation to all Israeli students.”