Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood
Shimon Hatzadik neighborhoodShalev Shalom/TPS

Several years ago, Jerusalem City Council member Yonatan Yosef purchased an apartment in the city's Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood, but the place was invaded by an Arab family who refuses to vacate the apartment, despite the rulings of a court and the municipality.

In addition, the invading family added illegal construction to the apartment and is supported by left-wing organizations which work to prevent the eviction of the invaders and the demolition of the illegal construction.

On Monday, the city informed the squatters that it will enforce a court ruling from 2020 to demolish the illegal construction, after years of failing to do so.

Yosef pointed out that, despite the fact that the additional construction is good for him in that the size of the apartment has been expanded, he is demanding that the municipality enforce and demolish the illegal addition. "Demolish it now, it's time for governance," said Yosef.

He added that there is a final judgment for eviction against the invading family, which has not been enforced following endless legal proceedings, and this despite the fact that the apartment is registered in his name.