Louis Farrakhan
Louis FarrakhanReuters

Fox News host Mark Levin accused Democrats of “tolerating” anti-Semitism, criticizing Democratic leaders for remaining silent over Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s recent Saviours’ Day event late last month.

From February 24th through the 26th, the Nation of Islam held its annual conference in Chicago, the first large-scale gathering the group has held since the COVID pandemic.

During the conference, Farrakhan repeatedly castigated Jews, condemning “Jewish power” and attacking the “synagogue of Satan.”

"Jewish power has all of our people - the knowledge, wisdom, and talent - afraid. But just look at what these people control. And every door that leads to power, they have a sentinel on watch. Somebody has to take on the synagogue of Satan.” And here we are.”

“What good is your vote if the man you voted for has to go to somebody that you never elected? Behind the door to get instructions. And the Jews have become wealthy just by loaning money, charging you interest and the stranglehold the Jews have on this government.”

The 89-year-old Nation of Islam leader also appeared to defend Adolf Hitler, saying: “Hitler went against usury and Hitler attacked pornography that the Jews had put on the Germans.”

On Sunday, Levin accused senior Democrats of ignoring Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism.

"Is there a reason Joe Biden didn't condemn this? Is the reason Kamala Harris didn't condemn this? Is a reason why nobody at the White House has mentioned it? Is there a reason why the Washington press corps blows this off? Yeah, there are reasons for this.”

Levin noted that in 2005, Farrakhan had been invited to a lunch with the Congressional Black Caucus on Capitol Hill – an event then-Senator Barack Obama attended.

"Why did they invite this man? Because the Democrat Party has a problem," Levin continued.