Syria air strike (archive)
Syria air strike (archive)Reuters

Syria's Aleppo International Airport will resume operations on Friday morning after being shut down because of an air strike that was blamed on Israel, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing state media.

The Syrian transport ministry called on all air carriers to reschedule all flights and said the airport is ready to receive relief aid planes for earthquake victims, according to the report.

The air strike which was attributed to Israel and occurred overnight Monday knocked Aleppo airport out of service and forced Syrian authorities to reroute flights carrying aid for people affected by last month's earthquake.

The attack reportedly struck targets belonging to Iranian militias at the airport.

Syria and Iran later accused Israel of a “double crime”, as the Aleppo airport was used for the arrival of humanitarian aid" to victims of the quake which killed around 6,000 people in Syria.

An air strike in September of 2022 also damaged the Aleppo airport and resulted in its temporary shutdown.