Three people were wounded, including one critically, one seriously and one lightly, in a terrorist shooting attack in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening. Two other people were hospitalized for shock.

The shooter was eliminated by police and security forces.

The wounded, who are reported to be men in their 20s, have been taken to Ichilov Hospital where medical personnel later reported that their lives are not in danger.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai stated that the shooting was a terrorist attack and called on the protesters against the judicial reforms to vacate the scene of the attack. The terrorist has been identified as a 23-year-old member of the Hamas terrorist organization.

A preliminary investigation found that the terrorist arrived at a restaurant and opened fire at the diners. According to one of the reports, the terrorist's weapon was jammed and two soldiers who were nearby shot and killed him.

Magen David Adom said in a statement: "At 8:40 p.m., a report was received on MDA's 101 hotline in the central region regarding two people with gunshot wounds near a cafe on Dizengoff Street and Ben Gurion Street in Tel Aviv. This is an initial report only, and further updates will come later."

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Jamal Varaki, who was one of the first responders at the scene on Dizengoff Street, stated: "Together with other first responders and ambulance teams from United Hatzalah I treated three people who were transported from the scene of the incident to Ichilov Hospital, one in critical condition having suffered gunshot wounds, one in moderate condition from shrapnel wounds, and a third individual also lightly injured by shrapnel. Members of the organization's Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit treated numerous people for emotional shock and psychological stress by providing psychological first aid. Among these were three people who were transported by a United Hatzalah ambulance to Ichilov Hospital."

MDA Medicycle Response Unit EMT Eran Nadler said: "When I arrived on scene I saw two victims lying on the sidewalk, one of whom was unconscious. I immediately provided medical treatment, and we received a report of another victim in a nearby business. Along with large numbers of MDA teams who arrived quickly at the scene, we provided the three victims with life-saving medical treatment, and conveyed them quickly to hospital, with one in critical condition, one in serious condition and one in mild condition."

MDA EMT Lee Ben Ari, who lives on Dizengoff street and heard the shooting, said: “I was at home when I heard a number of gunshots, and immediately headed downstairs. There was a large commotion and I saw people running in all directions. A civilian who was fully conscious was bleeding from an injury to his arm, and I immediately provided treatment to stop the bleeding. Moments later large numbers of MDA teams arrived on scene and he was conveyed by ambulance in stable condition.”

MDA EMTs Dudi Moskovich and Lior Lipschitz said: “We were on the ambulance on a nearby street when we received the call over the radio about the terror attack and immediately headed to the scene. We saw three victims lying on the sidewalk, one unconscious and the other two conscious. We quickly moved the critically injured victim to the ambulance and rushed him to hospital while performing CPR. The hospital doctors continued his treatment until his heart started beating, and he was then taken in critical condition to the operating room.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was updated on the shooting during his speech to the Jewish community in Rome, where he is on a diplomatic visit.

Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee chairman MK Yuli Edelstein said: "People don't get up in the morning and decide that today they will kill Jews. There is a whole system behind what is called 'lone-wolf terrorism,' a terminology which I do not accept."

"We must strike at terrorism itself - it doesn't matter what you call it. I am praying for the recovery of the wounded and congratulate the security forces for the professional and quick neutralization of the terrorist," Edelstein added.

Likud MK Danny Danon said: "A serious attack was perpetrated tonight in the heart of Tel Aviv. Arab terrorism raises its head and does not distinguish between right-wing and left-wing. I pray for the recovery of the wounded together with the entire people of Israel. I congratulate the security forces for their quick response and neutralization of the terrorist."

US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides wrote on Twitter that he is “shocked by tonight’s brazen terrorist attack in Tel Aviv that targeted innocent people. Praying for those who were injured.”