Huwara crossing
Huwara crossingFlash 90

As far back as we can remember our national history, we fought the gentile enemies who tried to murder our women and children. We praise as heroes those who raised the sword of defense to avenge their blood.

Bar Kohba was a hero who fought rapacious Romans. Yehuda the Maccabee slashed the throat of countless Greek aggressors. This week, we celebrate Purim, where Mordechai and his nation killed 75,000 Persian ruffians who tried to execute the decree of Haman to murder all of us.

We knew what "us versus them" meant.

Throughout Israeli history, we celebrate heroes like Menachem Begin who led the Irgun, Ariel Sharon who led Unit 101. We even remember Yitzchak Rabin who told his troops to answer our enemies desire to drink our blood by “breaking their arms and legs.”

We do this because we are family, and we take it very seriously when anyone kills one of our brothers.

Today’s twisted narratives have bastardized the truth. Like so many other holy truths in our day, the concept of “us vs them” has also been perverted.

Looking “Forward” but Walking Backward

Fifty years ago, it would be the leaders of the nation led by the IDF that would take revenge on these barbarians, perhaps by moving their homes. The Palestinian Arabs would quickly be reminded of the steep price they pay when encouraging the shedding od the blood of our brothers. That, more than anything, would stop them.

Today, it’s the opposite. Some of our leaders have stopped gunning for the enemy. They are attacking our own front lines.

Instead of following in the footsteps of the Maccabees by executing a “disengagement” style breakup of Huwara, they are rushing to appease European and American dictates.

They support the Den of Degenerates in Davos while stabbing their own rank-and-file soldiers and patriots in the back.

What difference is there between a Nazi who shoots his gun at a Jewish family, not caring who he murders as long as they are Jewish, and a Palestinian Arab who does the exact same?

Instead of crying into their TikTok accounts, our brave young sons sought to take the battle to the monsters who shot at our women and children. They charged behind enemy lines and put their lives in danger to show that evil does not pay.

What they did was illegal and they will have to stand before a judge to explain their actions.

It begs the question: Why isn’t the IDF leading the charge into Huwara?

A single IDF solider has the courage and bravery to stand down a thousand Palestinian Arab savages. Why are our leaders restraining him?

Why do we allow the Palestinian Arabs of Huwara to call the murderers of our children heroes by dancing, giving out sweets and setting off fireworks?

Yitzchak Rabin ordered us to break their arms and legs.

The blood of our fallen cries out from the grave.

Why must our patriotic children be the ones to make our enemies cry?

Instead of uniting around a shared enemy, the leftist radicals in Tel Aviv are raising money for the families of the people who murdered our brothers. Yair Lapid, back from his most recent trip to America, is ordering the crybaby class to hug the murderers and humiliate our fallen.

Jews are Never Terrorists

Jewish terrorists only exist in the deluded minds of western aristocrats. How the beltway mafia can disregard the thousands of Palestinian Arabs dancing on the blood of innocent children while pointing the finger at us for lashing out is beyond me.

How the radical left activists care more for people who hate them and don’t want anything to do with them over those who yearn to stand side by side with them as brothers also boggles the mind.

Jews don’t initiate conflict.

Unlike every Palestinian Arab terrorist massacre, the vigilante action at Huwara wasn’t unprovoked. It was in retaliation against a mob of savages who shoot at our women and children.

It wasn’t legal, but it was deserved.

God calls the Jewish People the B’nai Israel, the sons of Israel. He calls Himself our Father, and us His children.

We are one big family. The noble among us will never sit idly by when our brothers are being murdered. They are the cream of the crop of the Jewish People.

Throughout Jewish history, the noble souls who were willing to fight for us, even in the face of torture or death are those willing to protect the dignity of every Jewish soul, even in the face of arrest or prosecution.

If you think their sacrifice is anything less than admirable, you have been brainwashed by the LGBTQ Left.

Woe to those who say of the evil that it is good and of the good that it is evil; who present darkness as light and light as darkness, who present bitter as sweet and sweet as bitter. (Isaiah 5:20)