Highway leading to Jerusalem blocked in last week's protest
Highway leading to Jerusalem blocked in last week's protestProtest organizers

Following last week's "Day of Disruptions" during which main traffic arteries were blocked by protesters demonstrating against the government's proposed judicial reforms, another day of protests is scheduled for this Thursday, this time at Ben Gurion Airport.

A WhatsApp message sent out by the organizers of the protest came into the hands of Israel National News, which learned that those participating in the demonstration at the airport are being offered a refund on their fuel costs in getting there and back, plus 250 shekels for taking part in the protest itself.

"Want to make a few shekels this Thursday?" the message reads. "Come and shut down Ben Gurion Airport, and you'll get 250 shekels plus gasoline.

"This Thursday, at nine a.m., we're all going to Ben Gurion Airport, with cars arriving from all over the country. We'll be using a simple tactic: Driving around slowly, between the entrance to the airport and Terminal 3, and then back again, over and over again. The more cars there are, the bigger the impact at the airport for more hours. The idea is to enjoy a slow drive around the airport. Bring music, podcasts," the message adds.

The organizers also stress that, "Anyone who doesn't coordinate with the organizers will not be paid," and that people should "send your full name and make of vehicle to the organizers, so that we can register you and ensure that you're paid."

Meanwhile, journalist Yaki Adamker has discovered that one of those in charge of inviting protesters to participate this week in return for payment is a former El Al captain, Ofer Lapidot, who also took part in a similar protest in 2020 attempting to prevent Netanyahu from flying to the United Arab Emirates. That attempt, which also used dedicated WhatsApp groups, failed.

After reports emerged revealing that protesters are to be paid for their participation in this week's protest, those organizing the event claimed that trolls were behind it all. Again writing on WhatsApp, they protested that, "By the way, this was all trolling. Needless to say anyone who comes does so on a voluntary basis and pays his own way."