The Police Internal Investigations Department announced that it would investigate the police officer who threw a stun grenade during a protest by anti-judicial reform activists in Tel Aviv yesterday (Wednesday).

A police complaint was filed after video emerged of the officer throwing the stun grenade into a crowd of demonstrators, allegedly against police regulations.

The officer was also filmed calling for officers on horseback to advance and violently shoving a demonstrator.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir said that he would continue to support the officer despite the investigation.

"I fully support the officer who drove away anarchist rioters last night using a stun grenade. My policy is to give full support to the police who, unlike the Internal Investigations Department, do not sit in an air-conditioned room but are forced to deal with the anarchists, and if the Internal Investigations Department is acting for political reasons, then the time has come to change course," Ben-Gvir said.

Police spokesman Eli Levy told Galai Tzahal (IDF Radio) that some demonstrators turned violent and injured nearly a dozen policemen.

"There are 11 police officers who were injured, two were taken to a hospital. They were injured by the brutal violence of demonstrators," Levy said.

"Yesterday I saw many demonstrations, most of them passed without incident, but the event in Tel Aviv was violent and brutal, sticks and metal bars were thrown, and there was a new phenomenon in which policemen are being bitten by protesters."

39 rioters were arrested and 11 people were injured when the anti-judicial reform protests in Tel Aviv turned violent on Wednesday.

Clashes broke out between protestors and police when hundreds of demonstrators broke through police barricades onto the Ayalon Highway early in the afternoon.

Police responded with stun grenades and mounted officers in an attempt to reopen the highway to traffic.