As a Land of Israel activist who lives in Judea and Samaria, attorney Nati Rom gives Israel National News a description of what’s it like these days dealing with daily acts of terror.

“It is scary. There is an intifada, there is an increase in terror attacks. Day after day, almost every hour, we have another terror attack,” Rom says. “Almost every day we have casualties.”

When asked what needs to be done, he replies that Israel needs a clear plan to fight terror. He blames years of international pressure and progressive ideology from preventing the heads of Israeli security agencies from being able to speak in language that would serve to prevent terror attacks.

“When you hear of a mosque that every day is calling to kill Jews, the right decision would be to close this mosque. If you see people who are giving candies after my brothers and sisters were killed, they need to be arrested and they need to be in jail. Thousands of TikTok videos and social media reports of people who are calling to kill Jews and to commit more terror attacks, and unfortunately the police, the [Shin Bet ] and the IDF don’t do enough.”

When asked how he responds to the riots of Jewish teens in the village of Huwara to revenge the deadly terror attacks, he remarks:

“Of course, it’s not a good situation and we are against riots and we need the State of Israel to react. But this is the void, who is bringing all the troubles when you are day after day driving inside a terror village. You don’t have any other [road]. It’s Number 60 Road. It’s the main road over there, you need to go to school, you go there. You need to go shopping, you go through there. And you have stones thrown at your car and they’re shooting and killing your friends and your relatives. What can you do?” he says.

“So you need to understand, this is a terror village. It’s not innocent. Of course there are innocents over there and we don’t want them to be hurt, but they are giving candies after each terror attack. They are cooperating with terror and we need to fight that and the people who need to do it are the Army and the police and unfortunately they concentrate on the Jewish side instead of on the terror side.”