ehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
ehudit Katsover and Nadia MatarGershon Ellinson
Firm and forceful security and thriving Jewish communities are essential, yet to effectively eradicate the roots of terrorism, a novel approach is required.

The relentless onslaught of deadly attacks plaguing Israel means that the government of Israel must rethink its strategy for combatting terror and its offshoots.

The soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Security Agency, the police and other security agencies risk their lives day and night to protect us, and for that we are eternally grateful.

The operation in Hawara and the other marauders’ towns must be carried out by the government and its various branches, rather than leaving the task to the Jewish residents who are subjected daily to the terror of stones, gunfire and fire bombs.

The government must also lead settlement activity with strength, resolve and steadfast national pride. At the same time, Evyatar must be built and populated, so that the world - and especially we – will see the depth of the living, flourishing bond between the people of Israel and its land.

Firm and forceful security is essential and, no less so, thriving Jewish communities. But they are not enough to effectively eradicate the roots of terrorism.

The people of Israel envisage another milestone in the struggle, one that embodies the core message of this fully right-wing government. Until this occurs, the government will forfeit the confidence and faith placed in it on election day.

So far, the responses of this government have been more or less similar to those of preceding ones, which likewise failed to prevent the murder of Jews in their own land.

In recent weeks, many people argued that the new government should be afforded a grace period to organize and implement a gradual, measured and balanced approach to steer the ship rightward, without any drastic shocks. However, our enemies interpret this as giving them a green light to continue on their terrorist path without facing any real consequences.

In response to the deadly attack in Hawara, the Israeli government should take an additional immediate step beyond the necessary security and settlement measures: the declaration of the application of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

The Prime Minister should follow in the footsteps of David Ben-Gurion and, as a first step, impose a military government on the Arab population. This military government should remain in effect until the people there have fully accepted the exclusive sovereignty of the people of Israel over its land and until they demonstrate their commitment to living in peace and full loyalty.

The misguided belief that attempts at containment, political and national hesitancy and negotiations with those who wish us harm will bring peace has been proven futile time and time again in the past. We have had enough of that. We have paid an unimaginable and inexcusable price in blood and anguish for these distorted beliefs.

No more excuses about it not being the “right time.” The international community has consistently condemned Israel for every Zionist action it has taken since – and even before – the establishment of the state, and will continue to do so in response to any future actions.

It is better for Israel to accept this measure of condemnation for a significant and commendable national act that will prevent terrorism, rather than to receive the same denunciation for the legalization of an outpost or stony hilltop, no matter how important they may be.

The Israeli government must take this crucial step of sovereignty out of full recognition of Israel's moral justification in doing so.

With this resolute stance guiding Israel's political and practical path, the world will come to understand that we are indeed fighting for our right to live freely in our one and only homeland. As has happened many times before, the entire world will reap the blessings of the political and security measures taken by Israel in the future.