Germany's Bundestag
Germany's BundestagiStock

German lawmakers are warning that the number of attendees at neo-Nazi rallies in the country has doubled since 2022, Zeit reported.

The Bundestag found that right-wing extremist groups were able to secure a massive number of new recruits in the last year, with the report noting that numbers at demonstrations have more than doubled.

According to 2022 figures provided by the Bundestag, 15,700 people participated in extreme right demonstrations. The number was a significant increase from 7,745 in 2021.

MP Petra Pau cautioned that the neo-Nazi movement’s danger to society needed to be taken seriously, according to the outlet.

“Unfortunately, the mobilizing power of the extreme right is greater than the federal government’s figures show,” Pau said.

Pau called for the government to treat marches from the right-wing populist party AfD the same as rallies from far-right groups, referring to an October 2022 AfD Berlin march that attracted 10,000 people.

“The government must finally take a better look at the transformation of right-wing extremism, which is no longer just to be found in the dingy right-wing corner, but extends far into the middle class,” she said.