Crown Heights
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A Jewish man was viciously attacked on Wednesday in an antisemitic hate crime after a minor car accident in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York, ColLive reported.

The car accident occurred near St. John’s Place and Brooklyn Ave around 5 p.m. As the two men examined the damage, the driver of the other vehicle, without warning, punched the victim repeatedly in the face and body. He also grabbed the victim’s neck and tried to choke him. The assailant yelled antisemitic abuse at the Jewish man as he brutally beat him.

The victim reported the incident to Crown Heights Shmira who called the police after their volunteers arrived at the scene.

The man was seriously injured and had to be taken to a nearby hospital, according to the news outlet.

Shmira is working to bring the perpetrator to justice and is currently in search of security camera footage from the area that might show the assault taking place or identify the attacker.