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Leftist madness

Apparently, these protesters are Leftists first, Israelis second.

Here in America you’re thinking… they’re like that over there, too? Impossible. Yes, Leftists are Leftists, the same everywhere.

“Happy families are all alike,” is how Tolstoy opens Anna Karenina.

So imagine Liberals as one happy family when it’s going good for them, and implacably miserable when they don’t get their way.

In that instance, you will be hearing from them, full throttle, as of the moment in Israel.


That, as if Israel doesn’t have enough enemies, to cite the latest Biden betrayal at the UN, a time when Israel should rally as one and indivisible.

Did you really think all Israel is in it together?

Home at last. After 2,000 years. How thrilled, how grateful for this. Politics be damned.

I did. For a long time, I kvelled upon the belief that Israel was united, one nation under the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. (Yes, I know about the Altalena and more such business.)

Certainly David, who united the tribes.

I did not foresee the coming of a 13th tribe, Liberal/Leftists. Nor that they’d be frothing at the mouth just so.

Chalk that up as shattered illusion.

So, they’re in a frenzy over there against the first step being taken, Monday, first reading, in the Knesset, aimed at reforming the High Court.

Schools closed, here and there, roads blocked, MKs harassed, demonstrations nationwide, violence in the air, intimidation underfoot.

Some 60,000 protest outside the Knesset as the bill is being debated. The world watches and enjoys.

A meltdown like all that brings to mind either of two scenarios.

First, these can’t be Jews doing this. These must be positively Palestinian Arabs raging against the “occupation,” through marches to bring down the Netanyahu government, and simultaneously waving the hostile PLO flag alongside banners declaring “A National Day of Rage.”

Your eyes do not deceive. That’s mostly the Israeli flag they’re hoisting.

In fact, these are Jews, Israelis who have found their own “catastrophe” in the name of judicial reform.

Their anger against any changes being made, or even suggested, is proof that the High Court is their Daddy.

It’s where they go for assurance that many pro-Israel measures being passed by a Conservative Legislature will be overturned by a Liberal High Court.

For instance, numbers of illegal Arab housing, must stay up; particular Jewish towns or settlements, must come down. Leftists cheer.

Champagne all around at Haaretz and The New York Times. Gratification that some jurists in the Jewish State know how to “bring home the bacon.”

In America, Marbury v Madison was established…established as Constitutional Law… to safeguard against Legislative over-reach.

“The very aim was to keep lawmakers from running amok,” writes H. L. Mencken.

But sensible jurists everywhere agree that in Israel it’s the High Court that has run amok. Time, they say, to curb the High Court from its excesses.

Scenario number two?

Think America, where Leftists know how to intimidate, protest, march, loot, riot, burn books, topple statues, torch cities…given any pretext.

As I said in a recent post – quit borrowing from the worst of us.

Message to Leftists, if it does any good. Remember where you are, stop embarrassing yourselves and your country, and give Israel a chance.

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