The wedding ceremony
The wedding ceremonyTzion Ochana, Tzohar

For pretty much anyone, reaching 100 years is a cause for celebration.

For Avraham Nachum, the occasion also motivated him to marry Bella, the woman he had been in a long-term relationship with, despite her being more than 30 years his junior.

The couple decided to turn to Tzohar, the organization that helps facilitate thousands of weddings across Israel each year, to assist in the planning and officiate at the ceremony. While Avraham says that he had been planning to marry for some time, the onset of COVID and other personal reasons forced him to continuously push off the big day. But when he reached 100, he realized that now was the time.

The ceremony took place in the courtyard of a small synagogue in Maale Adumim with young yeshiva students helping create the festive atmosphere. A painter and sculptor by trade who says his works were always motivated by biblical themes, Avraham welcomed the chance to embrace the path of his biblical namesake, who similarly waited until late in life to start a family. “It was a truly happy event and I am thankful to Tzohar for making it possible.”

Parents to daughters in their 20’s, Avraham says that he didn’t want to carry on with the title of widower and his new wife was looking to shirk the title of divorcee.

“Their special and loving partnership radiated throughout the event, and was clear to all the guests who came to celebrate with them,” said Rabbi Aharon Rosenbaum who officiated the wedding on behalf of Tzohar. “It was a privilege to get to know the couple and be a part of this very moving event. We saw how important it was for them to marry in a Jewish ceremony and we wish them both continued long life and good health.”