A nuclear reactor in Iran
A nuclear reactor in IranReuters, Wana News Agency

The International Atomic Energy Agency announced that their monitors in Iran had detected uranium enrichment levels of 84% purity, only 6% less than the amount needed to create a nuclear weapon and the highest levels detected so far in the country, whose leadership is bent on destroying Israel.

Until now, IAEA inspectors have only detected enrichment levels of 60%, and the Islamic Republic even admitted that it enriched uranium to those levels after the United States pulled out of the Iran Deal, formerly known as the JCPOA.

The Israeli defense establishment suggests that Iran can reach 90% uranium enrichment, but at this stage, it is uninterested.

IDF Military Intelligence Directorate Chief Aharon Haliva says, "The time is coming that the international community's greatest test will come into play: when Iran expresses interest in reaching 90% enrichment.