Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a veiled response Sunday to comments by US Ambassador Thomas Nides on the Israeli government’s judicial reform plan, emphasizing Israel’s sovereign right to reform its court system.

“In case you haven’t noticed, Israel is in the midst of a little debate on judicial reform,” Netanyahu said in Jerusalem at an event of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.

“I’d love to speak to you at length, and tell you that you shouldn’t worry. I’d just like to tell you three things.”

“First: Israel is a democracy and will remain a democracy, with majority rule and proper safeguards for civil liberties.”

“The second thing: All democracies should respect the will of other free peoples, just as we respect their democratic decisions.”

The comment appeared to be a response to Nides’ comments suggesting Israel should slow its efforts to reform the judicial system.

Over the weekend, Ambassador Nides told CNN's The Axe Files podcast that the Israeli government should “pump the brakes” on its judicial reform plan.

Netanyahu also reiterated comments by Nides at the same event, saying that Israel is not in danger of a civil war.

“The third is that there has been a lot of rhetoric that is frankly reckless and dangerous, including calls for bloodshed in the streets and calls for civil war.”

“It ain’t gonna happen, there’s not going to be a civil war.”