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Who: Obstructs a two-state solution? Successive Israeli governments or the "Palestinian" leadership? Listen carefully to the program and hear the facts of how they repeatedly refused Israel’s generous offers (God’s hand guided them). How the "Palestinians" were offered compensation for their “suffering” and how the Jews who had to flee from Arab lands in 1948 were offered just “recognition”.

How: The ‘Women in Green’ morphed into the successful and influential Sovereignty Movement.

Hear: The extensive interview with their co-founder Nadia Matar talking about their aims and successes.

Also: All about the impertinence of the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States, to lecture us about our government’s internal affairs.

Should: The US government not be more concerned with their running away inflation, where a dozen eggs cost a lot more than a pound of sirloin steak, rather than with Israel’s judiciary and housing policy?

And: More.