The Iowa statehouse will likely cancel future Zoom meetings after the latest instance of a neo-Nazi troll disrupting a virtual conference open to the public.

Lawmakers are considering ending Zoom meetings after an incident on Thursday in which an antisemite joined the call while waving a swastika, KCCI reported.

"Unfortunately, things like that have occurred a few times and that may limit the ongoing use of Zoom going forward. It's unfortunate these things continue to happen," state Senator Adrian Dickey, chair of the workforce committee, told KCCI.

Statehouse officials reported that interruptions by antisemites and racists have become commonplace.

In prior instances, users appeared naked or yelled racial slurs during the virtual meetings.

The meetings have been made available to Iowan residents so they can speak with state politicians without having to be at the Des Moines statehouse in person. They began during the pandemic in 2020.

A statehouse official told the news outlet that if they cannot find a method of filtering out hateful disruptions, such as the recent swastika, they will have to cancel all future Zoom meetings.