Ron Huldai
Ron HuldaiAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

The Likud party filed a complaint with the police Monday against Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai claiming that he incited violence in an interview with Channel 13 News earlier today.

In a statement, the Likud party accused the mayor of Tel Aviv of "inciting violence and civil rebellion."

In the interview, Huldai said that "history teaches us" that "if a country becomes a dictatorship via the democratic process, it will only be restored as a democracy via bloodshed."

"They don't care about the pleadings of the President," Huldai added, referring to Knesset members of the coalition, despite the fact that many of them have joined the President in his pleas, only to receive shouts and abuse in return during Monday morning's meeting of the Knesset Constitution Committee, which descended into utter pandemonium.

"I'm appealing to all serious people who know what this country is like, we have to realize that this isn't a matter of left-wing or right-wing," Huldai then claimed. "It's about evil versus good."

Huldai's comments were condemned by members of the coalition and also by a number of members of the opposition.

MK Avi Maoz (Noam) said, "I absolutely condemn these serious statements made by the mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai. We have no other country, no other people. All the incitement should stop, all the rebellion against a government that was legally voted into power should stop right away."

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir also condemned Huldai's words. "The Attorney-General must now order an immediate investigation against Ron Huldai. The mayor of Tel Aviv has no political immunity and no privileged status that permits him to incite to murder. His words are extremely serious and he should be investigated and made to answer for his statements in court."

MK Benny Gantz, head of the National Unity party, also called for an end to incitement. "We are currently in a state of emergency, but the battle we are fighting is for Israeli democracy, not against one another. The pain and worries are justified, but we must immediately cease this violent and unbridled discourse on both sides which could drag us into the abyss. Huldai's words are dangerous and they also damage our righteous cause."