Former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard and his wife toured the Jordan Valley Sunday with The Sovereignty Movement and Israel Forever. Israel National News caught up with the Pollards near the site known by its Arabic name Qaser Al-Yahud, traditionally considered the spot where the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and entered the land of Israel led led by Joshua. The Book of Joshua describes the event in detail and gives the date as the tenth of the month of Nisan.

"I find myself very angry; we're missing something here. There should be a huge monument to the crossing of the Jordan River by Joshua and our people, just as the conquest of the land began. But instead, there's nothing, there's another building here," the former spy lamented.

Pollard maintains that there should be a national holiday celebrating the Israelites' conquest of the land and that there should be a large monument commemorating the event at the site where it began "So people will understand exactly what happened so long ago and why it's still relevant to this day," he explains.

Pollard also had some criticism for the government: "I find it shocking that a government that we consider right-wing doesn't even consider something like this, but I hope that maybe they'll change their mind and we'll have an event dedicated to the conquest of the land starting here at the Jordan."

He suggests remembering this when we speak with politicians. "It's time. We've been here for a long time, so we should buld a center dedicated to the crossing of the Jordan River and the conquest of the land along with a national holiday," he concludes.