Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי

In Central Africa, most inhabitants are lactose intolerant. Further north, in Western Europe, we suffer from intolerance of the truth. Fish have gills to breathe in water and we Europeans need gills to swim in the sea of lies. The biggest is that the transformation of Europe into something that has never existed before is progress and that opposing it is racism.

“Let's repeat it, so that everything is really very clear: we are in the heart of Europe, in Brussels, and not in Kabul or Tehran. Terror worked well. Censorship and self-censorship have been imposed on us. Such a determination to turn the tables is a sign of a profound destabilization of our values. Theaters and exhibition halls close their doors to events that could shock our executioners. Terror turns us upside down and makes us more permeable to an Orwellian post-truth…”.

So writes the Belgian anthropologist Florence Bergeaud-Blackler in her new book, “Le Frérisme et ses réseaux. L'Enquête” (preface by Gilles Kepel, the greatest French Islamologist). Florence Bergeaud-Blackler devotes several chapters to the accomplices of the Islamist international, within the European institutions, in France and Belgium. It shows how the Belgian capital has become “the caliphate of Brussels” thanks to "a business of infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in the media, institutions and the associative world". And thanks also to the cowardice and submission of most of the actors in the political world and media.

“The Muslim Brotherhood believes that European societies weak in terms of values will be transformed by a skillful combination of winning hearts and minds and by war”.

How are the authorities reacting? Weakness, interests, "humanistic" dogmatics, these are the guidelines, together with the more imperious silence and complicity of the media.

Bergeaud-Blackler also has some words for George Soros: "Since the beginning of the 2000s, the American billionaire's NGO has played a decisive role in spreading the term 'Islamophobia'".

Bergeaud-Blackler writes, speaking of Brussels: "In the representation of the supporters of political Islam, Europe has become a 'land of Islam' (Dar al-Islam in Arabic). In other words, the community of muhajiroun - the 'emigrants' - entered the 'force phase' (marhalat at-tamkîn) which would have allowed them to claim the application of sharia for their personal status at first. Then, it should be extended to the global Islamization of the Old Continent, based on the demographic shift expected by the rapid growth of the Muslim population, thanks to the high fertility of immigrant women and the accentuation of migratory flows, both legal and illegal. This aspiration is based on the model of the Prophet who, during his exile from Mecca to Medina, passed from the 'phase of weakness' (istid'af) to the 'phase of strength' in which they engaged in the conquest of power in Medina".

Now even fiction has noticed it.

“It looks like they took all of Gaza to Brussels,” says Eli, the head of Israel's counterterrorism unit who works undercover on the Netflix series Fauda.

The fourth season of the Israeli series takes place among the palaces, mosques and streets of the Belgian capital.

Let's try to line up the data about Brussels, the parts which are real and not part of a television series.

-All the mosques in the Belgian and European capital are in the hands of the Salafis, as the mayor revealed.

-Jews are leaving many neighborhoods, replaced by Islam (the chief rabbi of Brussels, Albert Guigui, was attacked by a group of Arabs, who spat and kicked him and since then Guigui has not worn a kippah in public).

-Ethnically, Brussels has more Moroccans than Flemings or Walloons, the two Belgian nationalities.

-In Flemish schools, 60 per cent of pupils are Muslim.

-Mohammed is the most popular name among newborns in the city.

-The Muslim presence is 33.5 percent and a majority is expected within twenty years, perhaps even less.

-Islam, more than the Catholic Church, trade unions or political parties, is the social reality with the most associations.

-In the Brussels region, the cities are all on the road to being Islamized, the Italian-Belgian professor Felice Dassetto explains: they range from Schaerbeek at 40 percent Muslim to Molenbeek (39 percent) and Anderlecht (27 percent).

Just read the local press: “In the shadow of the neo-Gothic town hall of Schaerbeek, typical of the late 19th century, Hamid closes the door of his hairdressing shop. Like every day, customers waited in front of images of Mecca broadcast live by a Saudi channel. Schaerbeek is for him 'a Muslim city,' where well-stocked mosques have definitively prevailed over increasingly deserted churches. Islam, here, has its door open and its head held high”.

The European caliphate is under construction and the "Qatargate" is only the emerged part of an iceberg against which we are going to crash.