Dudi Amsalem
Dudi AmsalemYonatan Sindel/Flash90

The saga of MK Dudi Amsalem's appointment as minister comes to an end this evening (Tuesday) after an agreement was reached between him and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

In a statement published by the Likud movement, it was stated that "Prime Minister Netanyahu requested at this time MK Dudi Amsalem to join the government as a minister in the Ministry of Justice, minister for regional cooperation and the minister who liaises between the government and the Knesset. MK Dudi Amsalem accepted the Prime Minister's request."

Last night Prime Minister Netanyahu and Amsalem sat down together with Minister Yariv Levin who has so far refused to release powers for Amsalem in his office. At the end of a long meeting that lasted several hours, the three agreed to an outline that enables the resolution of the crisis that Netanyahu had with one of the strongest members of the Knesset in his party.

On behalf of MK Amsalem, it was reported that "out of a desire to take care of and influence the Jewish nature of the state and the national government established by Prime Minister Netanyahu and the right-wing factions, this evening MK Dodi Amsalem acceded to the Prime Minister's request and joined the Israeli government, where he will serve as a minister in the Ministry of Justice, minister in the Ministry for Regional Cooperation, and the minister who liaises between the government and the Knesset."

"In a meeting that was considered as positive and cordial, Prime Minister Netanyahu and MK Amsalem agreed to continue the successful and practical cooperation that has accompanied the two in recent years with the aim of promoting urgent social issues," said a statement from Amsalem's office.

Last month Amsalem launched an unprecedented attack on Netanyahu and accused him of racism. "The one who decided not to give me the position is the prime minister," he said.

"I asked him why I can't be the Speaker of the Knesset, so he tells me Ali Baba stories that he doesn't want me to settle scores with the opposition," he continued, "Dudi Amsalam is not humiliated. I'm a team player, but here there was a lot of humiliation aimed at me."

On his Twitter account he wrote: "I was elected to 4th place in the primaries by the same voters who elected Netanyahu! While Netanyahu was persecuted and beset by lawsuits, the shouting and commotion I caused were not problematic. Nobody cared about the style when it served and helped us significantly to come to power! Now there is no need for me anymore - God forbid I hurt the opposition too much."