Ze'ev Raz
Ze'ev RazIDF Spokesperson

Former Israel Air Force pilot Ze’ev Raz.was detained for questioning Sunday afternoon by members of the Lahav 433 cyber unit for incitement to murder Prime Minister Netanyahu and several cabinet ministers..

This morning, Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi filed a complaint with the police against Raz and against attorney David Hodek for incitement after they threatened violence against Netanyahu and multiple ministers.

"Unfortunately, the law enforcement officials are procrastinating, none of the instigators have been arrested and other people like [Tel Aviv Mayor Ron] Huldai are joining the circle of incitement. The writing is on the wall and it is written in red ink. They must be punished with the full severity of the law," Karhi claimed.

Raz one of the leaders of the anti-Netanyahu protest movement and a former fighter pilot, seemingly called to murder the Prime Minister on Saturday on the charges of "rodef", a traditional Jewish law that allows bystanders to preemptively kill a potential murderer.

"I am amazed by Hodek's mildness. Only defense with a weapon? Passiveness? Cupping therapy for the dead," he wrote on Facebook, referring to Attorney David Hodek, who said, "I won't refrain from using live fire if they force me to live under a dictatorship."

Raz wrote, "If a Prime Minister gets up and takes the authority of a dictator, that Prime Minister is a man of death, it's that simple, together with his ministers and those who work with him. We also have to have the law of 'rodef.'

"My rodef law states: If a man, Israeli or foreign, takes over my county and rules it undemocratically, there is an obligation to kill him. It's not polite, and it makes me shudder, but the other option is many innocent deaths, and it is better to kill criminals. I am preparing a detailed declaration on the matter."

Raz has since retracted his remarks and deleted his Facebook post, saying that he "does not identify" with what he initially wrote.