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An observant Israeli man is suing Burger King Israel after accidentally ingesting a cheeseburger that he assumed was made with vegan cheese due to a sign that mistakenly led him to believe the restaurant was certified kosher.

The man has filed a class action lawsuit against Burger King after being informed that the branch, in the Azrieli Hod HaSharon Mall, had once been kosher but was not as of 2021. Reportedly, there was a mix-up and the mall had not removed the all the signs advertising the Burger King location as kosher, according to Ynet.

When the man ate the cheeseburger that he assumed was made with non-dairy fake cheese, he was so impressed by the realistic taste that he asked the staff how they had made it taste like real cheese. It was then that he was told it was made with real cheese, according to the lawsuit.

The man, who keeps kosher, was shocked when staff told him that the Burger King location was no longer kosher.

Prior to 2021, the location had a sign that included a kosher certification that was supposed to have been removed, Yeshiva World News reported.

The restaurant defended themselves by saying that they had been told by the Azrieli mall management that all the kosher signs had been removed by the mall. But upon investigation, Burger King Israel discovered that some of the signs indicating the franchise was kosher were still there.

Burger King Israel said in a statement that they had decided in 2021 to change the Azrieli mall location into a non-kosher restaurant and all kosher certifications should have been removed by the mall, according to the report.