The cave the terrorist hid in
The cave the terrorist hid inJerusalem Envelope Forum

New details have been revealed about the hunt for Eslam Froukh, the terrorist responsible for the deadly bus bombings in Jerusalem about two months ago.

During the hunt for the terrorist, security forces searched the illegal outpost Khan al Ahmar. The forces suspected that residents not only failed to report that the terrorist had fled to their outpost, but had even provided assistance to him.

A security official told Israel National News-Arutz Sheva that the Bedouin residents did not cooperate with the forces, but the investigative operations carried out in the area led to the discovery of a gun in the area, clothing and the motorcycle with which the terrorist fled after placing the explosives at the bus stops.

The terrorist's motorcycle was hidden in a cave adjacent to Khan Al Ahmar, a few dozen meters from the illegal outpost. The findings were located by members of the Mar'ol unit after operations carried out in the field. Some of the items were found when the forces noticed changes in the soil which indicated something was buried underneath.

According to security sources, the working assumption is that many in Khan al Ahmar knew about the presence of the motorcycle and some of the items in the area.. Through the efforts of an undercover unit that specializes in searches and probes, the items were found despite the assistance the terrorist received.

Another source added, "The terrorist stayed there, the indications are that the residents of the Khan and the area knew about his presence there, and it is possible that they even helped him, from our acquaintance with the population, every person who passes through the area and must be staying there, immediately the Bedouins in the place know who he is and what he does. There is also a dimension of non-reporting, I believe these things will be further investigated."

Two people were killed and 17 more injured after bombs planted by Eslam exploded at bus stops in the Ramot neighborhood of northern Jerusalem, and near the Givat Shaul neighborhood of western Jerusalem. Eslam was arrested about a week following the attack.