US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered joint statements to the media in Jerusalem following Blinken's arrival in Israel for an official visit Monday afternoon.

Upon landing in Israel Monday afternoon, Secretary Blinken condemned the massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue on Friday night.

“It’s the responsibility of everyone to take steps to calm tensions rather than inflame them,” Blinken said. “That is the only way to halt the rising tide of violence that has taken too many lives, too many Israelis, too many Palestinians.”

In their joint statement, Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked Blinken, and said the US and Israel were working together to thwart a nuclear Iran.

Netanyahu also hinted he would be pursuing a peace deal with Saudi Arabia by "expanding the circle of peace" with other countries beyond the Abraham Accords.

Secretary Blinken expressed his condolences to Netanyahu and the Israeli people over Friday night's terrorist attack. "In the context of this attack and escalating violence, it's important that the government and people of Israel know: America's commitment to their security remains ironclad."

He hinted that Israel should work together with the US to provide aid to Ukraine in the face of Russia's invasion of the eastern European nation.

"Just as we know that Iran supports terrorism against Israel, Iran has been providing drones to Russia targeting innocent civilians," Blinken said. "Russia's ongoing atrocities underscore the importance of providing support for all of Ukraine's needs: humanitarian, economic, and security as it bravely defends its people and its right to exist."

"America's commitment has never wavered, it never will," he added.