Mike Huckabee at IAF gala
Mike Huckabee at IAF galaSpokesperson

Former Governor Mike Huckabee addressed hundreds of Christian and Jewish supporters of Israel at the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) Gala Awards Dinner in Miami, Florida on Sunday evening.

Huckabee was named second among the IAF’s 2022 list of Israel’s Top 50 Christian Allies. He is well-respected by both the Jewish and Bible-believing Christian community for his commitment to his faith and the manner in which he defended Israel throughout his time serving as Governor of Arkansas and later on during both presidential campaigns.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis congratulated the honoree via video for his steadfast commitment to Israel and spoke about his own actions as governor which have advanced relations with Israel and combatted antisemitism. “As Governor, my first trip abroad was a trade commission to Israel, and I’ve been actively combating the antisemitic boycott divest and sanction movement… On the day of my inauguration for my second term, my office sent a note which was placed in the Western Wall with a prayer to protect all your people and give them strength to stand firm in their faith. Let’s all take that message to heart as we celebrate the power of faith-based diplomacy this evening.”

Attendees at the event include prominent Jewish and Christian leaders from across the U.S. and Canada together with many pro-Israel organizations and ministries. Also in attendance were U.S. members of Congress as well as 10 parliamentarians from Latin America who lead Israel Allies Caucuses in their respective countries.

MK Sharren Haskel who serves as Co-Chair of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, one of the 50 caucuses under the umbrella of the Israel Allies Foundation, encouraged the audience to recognize anti-zionism as a form of antisemitism and to respond accordingly. “To combat this attack against the only democracy in the Middle East and the only homeland of the Jewish people, it is essential that Jews unite with our Christian friends around the world along our shared Judeo-Christian values to defend the State of Israel” she said.

IAF President Josh Reinstein announced the launching of a new 51st caucus in the Israel Allies network which will be forming in the Congress of the Dominican Republic. He also noted the formation of the Israel Allies Foundation in Canada which was initiated after a successful Gala event in Canada honoring former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “Faith-based diplomacy continues to expand and deepen its impact around the world. It is Jews and Christians coming together at events like this which has the potential to channel faith-based support for Israel into real political action” said Reinstein.