Post glorifying terrorist attack in Arab student's WhatsApp
Post glorifying terrorist attack in Arab student's WhatsAppScreenshot

Following the deadly terrorist attack in Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem, on Shabbat evening, an Arab student studying law at Kiryat Ono Academic College uploaded a mocking post to his social media accounts, highlighting his glee at the loss of Jewish life.

On his "status" page on WhatsApp, the student posted a screenshot from Facebook in Arabic where someone asked, "What's going on in Jerusalem?" and another person replied, "Someone's working on dispatching settlers off to their G-d."

Students in the Arab's second-year class were furious to realize that their classmate thought that the slaughter of Jews was something to mock. Several contacted Israel National News to express their anger.

"This also happened right after another incident on the campus, when a student picked up an object and pretended to stab another student," they related. "We're just in shock that a student could post a status glorifying terrorism and supporting this awful attack."

They added that, "We expect the administration of the College to expel him and strip him of all his rights as a student. We should never condone such things happening on campus. We pay good money to learn here, in security, without concerns for our safety, and we're counting on the academic staff dealing with this incident at the earliest possible opportunity. We're not going to let this pass in silence. If they don't do anything about it, we're going to involve the police and submit a complaint accusing the student of incitement."

In response to the allegations, the administration of Kiryat Ono College issued a statement saying: "We view incitement or support for terrorism with the greatest severity, as we do any calls for violence or mockery of its victims. The post will be investigated and if it is found necessary, the student will be expelled."