Scene of the attack in Jerusalem
Scene of the attack in JerusalemOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Seven Jews were murdered on Friday evening outside the Ateret Avraham synagogue in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood in Jerusalem.

One of the victims was Rafael Ben Eliyahu (56). His son, Ohr Haim, eulogized him this evening: "My dear father, I'm unable to process how they took you from me like this. I love you and miss you so much."

Rafael's 14-year-old son was severely injured in the attack; since then, he has regained consciousness and his condition has improved. He is hospitalized in Hadassah Hospital.

Rafael Ben Eliyahu
Rafael Ben Eliyahuצילום: באדיבות המשפחה

So far, it has been announced that two of the victims were husband and wife, Eli (48) and Natali (45) Mizrahi and that an additional victim is an aid worker from Ukraine. Eli and Natali's funeral will be held later on Saturday night, at half-past-eleven at the Derech Hachaim cemetery in Beit Shemesh.

The Mizrahis married just two years ago. Eli's father, Shimon, said that his son and wife helped the injured victims from the attack and were murdered by the terrorist. "He was standing next to his car and he shot them. He got into the car and escaped," the father said. "My son was a quiet, modest person, very religious. He just wanted to help. When he realized that there was a shooting going on, all he wanted was to help the injured, both he and his wife."

Eli and Natali Mizrahi
Eli and Natali MizrahiCourtesy