The police on Thursday evening released additional footage from the helmet cameras of Border Police officers who operated in Jenin together with IDF forces in a large-scale counter-terrorism operation Thursday morning.

In the documentation, the soldiers are seen taking heavy fire and in real danger to their lives as dozens of armed terrorists shoot at them. The IDF soldiers strove for contact with determination and courage and succeeded in thwarting a terrorist cell that intended to carry out an attack against civilians and security forces.

Border Police commander Major General Amir Cohen closely watched the activity and told the officer who commanded the troops in the field: "In the activity of the special unit together with the Jenin Border Police company and the IDF under the direction of the Shabak, you acted with courage, composure and professionalism under heavy fire and real risk to your lives. The combination of the arms of the security forces proves itself anew every day in maintaining the security of the citizens of the State of Israel."

A senior IDF officer said that a "ticking bomb" scenario was averted by the operation in Jenin.

"We eliminated a ticking time-bomb in the form of Islamic Jihad terrorists who were planning a series of attacks on the home front," the officer said

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas is reportedly considering ending the PA's security cooperation with Israel following the operation.

The death toll on the Arab side in the operation has risen to 10.