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Terrorism on the roads of Judea and Samaria is on the rise, and since this morning (Thursday), at least 30 stone throwing attacks, six Molotov Cocktail attacks, and a number of other attacks have been committed against Israelis.

Several Jewish vehicles were stoned on the road between Tapuach and Ariel, one after the other. One person was lightly injured. Near Yakir, two vehicles and a bus were stoned.

In the village of Huwara, where there has been a significant jump in terrorist attacks in recent weeks, four incidents have taken place since the morning hours, including the throwing of stones and burning tires.

In one incident a barrier of burning tires was set up across a road.

The attacks follow Thursday morning's successful counterterrorism operation in the Jenin refugee camp, in the course of which terrorists actively plotting a major attack were eliminated.

Although security forces attempted to penetrate the camp without being detected, terrorists were still expecting them and set up a warning system as well as 30 separate barricades to block their entry. As soon as the IDF and special forces officers were spotted, gunfire broke out, first targeting a jeep carrying a senior IDF commander.

According to Palestinian Authority reports, eight Palestinian-Arabs were killed, including a 60-year-old woman, and several others were injured, some of them seriously. With regard to the civilian allegedly caught in the crossfire, an IDF spokesman said that, "We are familiar with the claim that a Palestinian civilian was wounded. The circumstances of the incident are under investigation."

In addition, two wanted terrorists were identified as they attempted to flee from the scene. Security forces fired at them and they were neutralized, according to sources. "One of the wanted men who had barricaded himself inside the building later gave himself up to security forces at the scene. IDF engineers then entered the building in order to set off a controlled explosion of two bombs that the wanted men had been planning to use. A fourth wanted man was located within the building and he too was neutralized."

Meanwhile, IDF forces in the area are being bolstered by paratroopers, due to warnings of revenge attacks. Furthermore, Iron Dome batteries are being readied in the event of significant missile fire from Gaza.

Responding to the morning's events, the office of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said that the IDF operation was a "premeditated crime and slaughter," and that it was calling on the international community to intervene. According to the Al Jazeera network, Islamic Jihad issued a warning to the Israeli government that if the incursions into Jenin do not cease, "all options are open."