Hezbollah terrorist on watch tower
Hezbollah terrorist on watch towerReuters

The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah has dramatically increased its presence on Israel’s northern border, according to a report by Yediot Aharanot Monday.

Over the past year, Hezbollah has reportedly built at least 20 new observation and guard posts adjacent to the Israeli border, despite the terms of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, which bars the terrorist group from operating near Israel’s border fence.

The increase in Hezbollah activity on the border coincides with an IDF project to build a fortified border fence spanning the Israel-Lebanon border.

The new terrorist observation posts have been built parallel to the fortified fence, which is still under construction.

Ori Eliyahu, a resident of Moshav Shtula near the Lebanese border, said he is not concerned by the new Hezbollah towers.

“A few days ago, we saw a large truck unloading the top part of the watchtower.”

“The outposts don't concern me, because I know that Hezbollah is deterred by Israel. They are establishing the watchtowers as a miserable response to the work Israel is conducting along the border."

Last summer, the Israeli military revealed that Hezbollah was operating along the border under the guise of the 'Green Without Borders' organization to gather intelligence.

The sub rosa terrorist operation included the building of a new observation post on the Israel-Lebanon border.