Nechama Dina Krinsky
Nechama Dina Krinskyצילום: A family album

Nechama Dina Krinsky is a Yiddishe Mame, a Jewish Mother, in the truest sense of the word, a mother of 11 children and three foster children, but, in truth, she is the mother of an entire community.

Mrs. Krinsky and her husband Rabbi Sholom Ber Krinsky have been serving as shluchim to the Lithuanian capital of Vilna for the past 28 years. During that time, they have worked tirelessly to provide for the spiritual and material needs of a community decimated by the Holocaust and ensuing Soviet repression.

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Over the past year questionable charges have been brought against Mrs Krinsky. Despite clear evidence that she and her husband are innocent of the alleged wrongdoing, the judge continues to pursue the case. If Mrs. Krinsky is, chas veshalom, found guilty, she could face imprisonment. A woman who lives for Klal Yisroel, needs Klal Yisroel to stand up for her now.

A pidyon shevuyim emergency campaign has been launched by friends and family to raise the necessary 1 million dollars needed to clear Mrs. Krinsky of these spurious charges and save her from the threat of imprisonment. She needs to be able to continue caring for her family, her children, and her community, as well as to obtain urgent funding needed now for their current school. The Krinsky Family - and the entire Vilna Jewish Community - desperately need your help and generosity. Please donate now and Save a Yiddishe Mother from Prison.

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