Israel Dog Unit volunteer with the rescued hiker
Israel Dog Unit volunteer with the rescued hikerIsrael Dog Unit Public Relations

A 60-year-old hiker was reported missing earlier today in the Nahal Amud nature preserve in Israel’s north. The hiker had entered the preserve from the area of Tzfat at approximately 7:00 AM, at which point contact with him was lost.

The hiker’s son later received a call in which the hiker reported himself lost, out of water, and in a growing state of distress as several hours of walking failed to bring him to his destination. The son reported that his father had originally set out for Meron, but had taken a wrong turn along the way.

The report reached the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a nonprofit specializing in search and rescue, from where it was forwarded to Eli Ben-Tuvim, the coordinator for search and rescue efforts in the Tzfat police stati.on After a joint rescue effort involving the Israel Police, IDU, and the Galilee-Carmel Rescue Service, the hiker was extricated alive and well.

The rescue services remind those traveling in the Meron or Tzfat region, and the Nahal Amud preserve in particular, to remember the following guidelines for a safe hike:

• It is very important to know the route and the trail markings and check the map before leaving. The stream towards the Kinneret includes is a very dangerous path that includes rocky terrain and sheer cliffs.

• Travelers in Nahal Amud can contact the information center of the Nature Reserve Nahal Amud at 046999984 for essential information and updates about the route.

• The section of Nahal Amud between Tzfat and Meron is a challenging section intended only for those who are in good health and condition

• Hikers should bring at least three liters of water per person and appropriate clothing.